Technology Moving Gambling Industry

woman playing virtual reality goggles

Technological advancements have ushered in a new era within the gambling industry. Smartphones with advanced applications have made it possible to wager bets in seconds, with rising public adaptation.

Meanwhile, game designs have branched out with multiple new features. These improvements have given investors a blank slate, with multiple opportunities to invest in the industry.

Why online vs land based

Online casinos have more to offer than their land based siblings. The users take advantage of heightened privacy, and can enjoy responsible gambling from the comfort of their own home. While land based casinos require extensive travel, online casinos offer both flexibility and a greater sortiment of games.

Online casinos offer multiple benefits to their players, including (but not limited to) free spins, sign on bonuses and multiple other advantages. Their offers surpass those of land based casinos, granting them the upper hand in the battle for new market shares.

Mobile Industry

Nearly 77% of Americans own smartphones. Smartphones allow for the user to have internet access while on the go. This serves as the backbone of the online gambling industry. Betting operators have seized this opportunity by developing user friendly gambling apps. Moreover, research indicates that more users are migrating from desktop to mobile, which will further boost the industry.

Apps are the new frontier

Over the past few years, online casinos have invested heavily into R&D for their phone apps, as a means to improve the user experience.

Apps come with SSL encryption and full payment integration. Apps also allow the online casinos to tailor specific games for their users, based on historic interests and gambling patterns.

An intrinsic benefit of apps, is the 3-rd party approval process. I.e, an app must pass muster with the OS designer (e.g. Apple or Google) in order to be listed in app stores. The extra layer of security make gambling apps both safer, and more resilient to the constant threats of hacking and phishing schemes.

Apps also allow the users to wager bets with the touch of a button. This, in turn, has benefitted online casino operators who have seen user times increase on their platforms.

Up and coming technology

Recently, the use of virtual reality has been growing. Virtual reality creates an in person experience, which allows for new and exciting opportunities within the online gambling industry. Online casinos will seek to develop virtual reality applications, which allow the user to visit land based casinos through their VR portal.