Pennsylvania to Release Online Poker July 15

Online poker will soon be made available in Pennsylvania. Governor Tom Wolf signed the iGaming expansion bill back in October of 2017, which legalized the online poker industry.

As a result, online poker has been highly anticipated among the state’s residents. Once July 15th comes around, Pennsylvania will be the fourth state in the nation to have legalized online poker play.

More variation

Both online and land-based casinos will offer poker to PA residents. Thus far, ten PA casinos have been granted permission to offer online casino games.

Among those ten, seven of the casinos have received permits to offer online poker. Compared to other states that already allow online poker, the number of certified casinos in Pennsylvania is exponentially higher.

What to expect

The Stars group is expected to lead the way among new companies serving the poker industry of Pennsylvania.

The Stars Group has been a major player in the industry for years, well known for their smash hit service PokerStars.

By looking at what this company has already created, we can start to see what the industry may shape to be. Their success serves a blueprint of where the industry may be headed long term.

Although industry profits and overall revenue remain to be seen, we can use other states as an indicator for potential growth. A good example is New Jersey, which approved online poker and gambling back in 2013.

Since then, the state has witnessed a great increase in revenue, and thus state tax dollars. On a monthly basis, the NJ poker industry has brought in an average of $1.8 million. This number has continued to increase over the past few years.

Pennsylvania has a higher population, and as a result a higher number of casino operators. Therefore, Pennsylvania’s average revenue is expected to be greater than its counterparts. The state will likely benefit from the industry, through higher tax revenue.

Moreover, the push to legalize online poker will drive more companies to the state, while stemming the flow of money to rogue online casinos.

Other additions

Pennsylvania’s push to legalize online gambling is not limited to poker. A plethora of other casino games have already been legalized, including sports betting.

In all likelihood, Pennsylvania will take a leading role among other states in its pursuit of legalizing online gambling. The industry has already made inroads in several other states, but PA is among the first of these to pass legislation that encompasses multiple games.

Technological change has forced states to take a new approach to the industry. A large portion of players prefer to place wagers online, as opposed to land-based casinos. PA’s move comes at the right time, and will help the state position itself in the race to attract investments from the casino companies.