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Bonuses at NJ Online Casinos

New Jersey Online Casinos offer a wide variety of bonuses that every aspiring gambler should take advantage of. Bonuses are given out for specific games, or just given as a signing bonus. These bonuses are free money, but do have requirements that you must reach if you are going to put them to use. Follow this guide if you are trying to get a complete and honest deal that fits you best.

Dis-closer: Bonuses are always given out as in game currency. Casinos that offer to give you money on your card or cash are scams. 

Wager Requirements

Most online casinos have wager requirements that must be met before you can cash out on your bonus. The requirements are often times a multiplier of your minimum bet. 


  • Casino X offers a $100 minimum, $100 gained 50x bonus upon an initial deposit.
  • You deposit $200, so you would now receive $100, making your total $300.
  • You must now wager your $300 50x ($15,000) before you can withdraw your earnings.

That is a lot of money for many beginners, that is why we recommend you do not go over a 20x bonus when first starting. 

Given conditionally

While it may seem like the bonuses offered by online casinos are relatively safe in regard to your wallet, there are some things you should take into consideration.

One thing that many people do not know is some games do not allow bonuses. That is why you should always read the terms and conditions before accepting a bonus. This could be detrimental if you deposited money for a bonus, but could not play your favorite game to redeem it. Now you are forced to play other games you may not be as comfortable with if you are trying to get your money back.

Other casinos will make it necessary that you play through a round or hand before you can receive the bonus. In addition, some games make it that you must win or lose a certain amount of money before earning your bonus. This should be taken into consideration if you plan on playing for a short amount of time. 

Most people don’t think about, or simply forget that bonuses usually have expiration dates. Once the expiration date is hit, your bonus will become invalid. The casinos will then take back all of the money that they offered, and the money you put in to reach the bonus will be pointless. Most bonuses will last a month before they expire, but be weary of those that have a shorter end date. 

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus requires you to make an initial deposit to the casino before you can get your bonus. This type of bonus comes hand-in-hand with wager requirements. 

This makes it so you have to deposit a sum, and then wager that sum multiplied by a specified number. For those who wish to get free bonuses while playing with a smaller amount of money, avoid this type of bonus.

Best deposit casino bonuses

Non-deposit Bonus

One of the best and easiest bonuses to acquire are non-deposit bonuses. These bonuses give you money right away. In order to receive this type of bonus, you almost always have to create a new account on an online casino. Not all online casinos offer this type of bonus, but when they do it is easy to find. 

As you would expect, you do not have to make a deposit to get this bonus. You can usually claim them through email or buttons directly on the sites. Once you unlock one of these bonuses, you will get the money deposited directly into your account where you can place it directly into your account. 

There are very few limitations that you will encounter with non-deposit bonuses. The key is to look into the terms and conditions to truly understand the rules. Some casinos put on a wager requirement or a maximum that you must reach before withdrawing. 

Best non-deposit casino bonuses

Match Bonus

A match bonus is given when a casino states that they will match your deposit to your account on their site. Depending on the site, a match bonus can be for 5 percent to 100 percent of your total deposit. 

Casinos will also put limitations on the total amount that they will match. For example, a casino may put the limit at $200, meaning that they will match whatever percentage they set with up to a $200 deposit. This counters people putting in enough money to wipe out a casino. 

Best match casino bonuses

Free Spins at NJ Online Casinos

New Jersey online casinos also offer something that is unheard of in the brick-and-mortar industry: free spins. Free spins give those, whether you are experienced or new to slots, a free way to earn some extra money and playing time. Those who do not take advantage of free spins are missing out on a way to earn free cash, and possibly a jackpot. 

Free Spins are the casinos way of giving back (and obviously a way to keep players playing). Every Atlantic City based online casino offers a free spin in some type of way. These free spins may come in the form of free money bonuses that can only be used in slots, or free spins earned during progressive game-play.

Free spins can be earned for every facet of slot play, whether it be traditional or progressive slots. This makes it so everyone can reap the benefits. If you are looking for NJ free spins, visit our free spins ratings/bonuses. 

Free spins do not have to be specified as a free spin by the online casino. You can also use the free money bonuses that are given out as a way to play slots for free. This gives you the opportunity to play more variety, rather than sticking to the sites that offer free spins. The cash bonuses that can be used for free spins can be found on our online bonus page!

Acquiring free spins 

Using free spins will be beneficial to your slot experience. The hardest part most players face is getting to the free spin. The answer to the problem is simple: sign up or play.

Every online casino offers free spins in some shape or form. The two most common types presented to the users the regular free spin and the free money bonus. 

The regular free spin is usually given out when a player is new to a site. By simply signing up, most casinos will give you free spins to their large variety of slots. Some casinos offer time specific offers that give you free spins directly to your account.

If you are already playing online slots, and feel no urge to join a new online gambling site, you can find free spins during game-play. Most sites offer a progressive system; the more you play the more free spins you receive. This method is especially beneficial to those who play slots as their game of choice. If you are new to slots, do not fret. These free spins come early and often. 

If a site does not offer a true free spin, they usually offer a free money bonus for joining their site. This free money bonus can be manipulated into free spins on the slot machines. Some of the bonuses require an age limit, but for slot players, this limit is met very quickly. 

Most common free spin options

Due to the large variety of free spin deals, it makes sense that they may hold some requirements before use. The requirements all depend on the factors used in each type of slots. For example, a slot that has a larger minimum and maximum will often give out more free spins because the player has more invested. In addition, the amount of time played, or the amount of games played affects the number and type of free spin given. 

The most common types of free spins you will come across are “Deposit” and “Non-Deposit”

Deposit Free Spins require you to place a certain amount of money on your account before you will receive any free spins. This type of spin may seem pricey, however the more money you put in the more you will receive back in the form of free spins. Some online casinos will even match your deposit up to a certain amount. If you are planning on playing online slots, you might as well take advantage of the house’s money by depositing money you will play with anyways. 

Non-Deposit Free Spins are what you would expect, a truly free set of spins. These spins are the ones usually given out to players when they first join a site. Casinos do this to incentivize more play. Although this type of free spin does not require a deposit, some require a wager requirement. These are usually small, but can be annoying for those who want to play with a limited sum of cash.